The Principal of the School of Midwifery Dr.Joan Shepherd has described the curriculum review of professional midwives


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Nursing School director

Nursing School director

…as mandatory to ensure quality assurance measures to turn out skilled birth attendants.

She made the revelation at a Midwifery curriculum review at the National School of Midwifery, Princess Christian Maternity Hospital Fourah Bay Road.

Principal National School of Midwifery Dr. Joan Shepherd has described the curriculum review of professional midwives as mandatory to ensure quality measures for stilled Birth attendants.
Addressing Health Care Providers during the midwifery curriculum review Mrs. Shepherd said the review is to respond to emergence of new diseases and the changing client health needs through the development of new midwives.
She added that correct skills, knowledge and attitudes are necessary for effective provision of quality health care in all health care delivery institutions in the country.
Dr. Shepherd disclosed that despite progress has been made there is a universal demand for excellence and quality care.
UNFPA Representative Dr. Bannett Dyanabangi pledged his agency’s commitment to support government towards strengthening human resource capacity in the health sector.

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