Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to China


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Sierra Leone's Ambassador to China

The Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the people s Republic of China Alimamy Petito Koroma has called on staff of the Embassy for an

effective team work and commitment for effective operations in the Embassy.

Ambassador Petito Koroma made this statement during his familiarization meeting with the staff at the embassy.

Addressing staff of the Sierra Leones Embassy in china Ambassador Petito Koroma told the staff that his main focused is team work if he should success calling for a concerted effort and support from all staff. The Embassy’s success he said depended on collective teamwork in the interest of Sierra Leone.

He appealed for cooperation calling on all to take the responsibility and share the successes that would be achieved and frowned against failures that may come along way.

As representatives of Sierra Leone Ambassador Koroma said we do have a big responsibility to seek and protect her interest as well as our national and build on the existing ties between ties between the two countries and work towards ensuring that such ties mutually benefit two countries. He assured all of an open door policy since he came with an open mind not with ideas of his own.

He thanked the deputy Ambassador Madam Kumba Momoh for holding the forth.

The Deputy Ambassador Kumba Momoh briefed the minister on range of issues around the mission.

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