PPRC announced the registration of a new Political Party (NPD)


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Political Parties Registration Commission has announced the registration of a new Political Party. The name of the Party is the National Progressive Democratic Party NPD with Intrim leader Alimamy Sillah.

This was announced at a press conference held at the Political Parties Registration Commission’s office Tower Hill.

According to the chairman of the PPRC, Hon. Justice Tholla Thompson, the commission will register any political party that meets PPRC’s requirements.

He says political parties should take the National Constitution in mind when drafting theirs as they should be in accordance with the National Constitution.

Registrar of PPRC, Zainab Umu Moseray says they have developed a strategic plan together with all the political parties.

Zainab Moseray informs her audience about the November 14th bye elections, and calls on political parties to conduct.

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