Mayor suspended


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Mayor suspended


The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development has directed  the Major of the Koidu New Sembehun City Council to hand over any council properties or assets that are in his possession to the Chief Administrator of the Councils by Tuesday 1st March.

The letter of suspension addressed to the Mayor of the Koidu New Sembehun City Council Emerson Lamina accuses of financial impropriety and insubordination.

According to the letter, from the Ministry of Local government, the Ministry of Finance was mandated to undertake a special audit of the Council’s financial situation and proffer recommendations to the ministry for appropriate action.

The report of the audit the letter adds has been submitted to the Ministry of local government accusing the Mayor of serious violations of the local government Act of 2004 and standard financial management practices have been highlighted.

According to the  letter about one hundred and fifty receipts books for 2015 were missing and could not be accounted for, funds approved and paid for expenditures are not included in the approved budget of the council, and that monies were withdrawn  from council own source revenue without prior consent of the chief Administrator among several accusations.

According to the ministry’s suspension letter in order to probe into the allegations, an independent investigation committee was set up, noting that some staff of the council have also been implicated.

The letter noted that to ensure that the committee’s work is unhindered; the ministry has sought an executive clearance from the office of the president which has been provided to suspend the Mayor of the Koidu New Sembehun City Council with immediate effect until the committee completes its investigations.

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