Junior staff of the Guma Valley Water Company Protested against the GM and his Deputy


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General Manager Bankole Mansaray

General Manager Bankole Mansaray

Junior staff of the Guma Valley Water Company have staged a protest against the General Manager Bankole Mansaray and Deputy General Manager. The protesters call for the GM and his deputy to resign.

They made the call while staging a strike action calling on senior staff of the company to improve their conditions of service.
They complained of insufficient equipment, and transportation to carry out their normal duties.
The aggrieved workers told SLBC that they have asked management to change the Data base which gives unrealistic bills to the public.
They also asked management on how consumers should pay their water rates if they don’t have adequate water supply in their homes and work places.
A member of the Electricity Employee Union George Kargbo said few years back junior staffs were provided with bonuses but it stopped for reasons they were not told.
Minister of Water Resources, Momodu Maligie told the aggrieved workers to channel their complains to the right authorities adding that Guma Valley Water Company is directly under the supervision of the commission for Privatization.
Minister of Labour, Matthew Teambo said they would look in to their concerns and see what can be done.
A resolution was reached were in the aggrieved staff were asked to go back to work as authorities would looked in to their plights.

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