Culture Radio is making a creative difference


Culture Radio is making a creative difference

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Culture Radio in partnership with Sierra Leone Adult Education Association, the German Government and other partners have started premiering eight Short Movies titled Sierra Leone on the Mend. The eight short Movies showed what the country went through during the Ebola outbreak and the lessons learnt.

The eight short movies are stories which children yet unborn will watch and tell exactly what happened during Sierra Leone’s two years Ebola Outbreak.

The Executive Director, Culture Radio, Elijah Gegra says, the adventure to produce the movies started with a ten day training of the twenty four people who participated in acting the Movie. The twenty four People, Elijah Gegra stressed, were divided into eight groups were giving the assignment of telling the ebola outbreak story in eight different ways.

Public Relations and Documentation Officer, Sierra Leone Adult Education Association, Julia Krojer pointed out that, the movie created the platform for Sierra Leoneans to express their experience during the Ebola outbreak.

The German Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Wolfgang Wiethoff Expressed appreciation to all participants for the movie. He reaffirmed Germany’s commitment to always support Sierra Leone.

Playing of the eight short movies formed part of the ceremony.

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