City council & Youth Affairs organizes a training for young people


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City council & Youth Affairs organizes a training for young people

Freetown City Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Affairs is organising a training for youth entrepreneurs, in the district council, with the aim to develop their business skills, build their capacity to become successfully business people in society.
The male youths were drawn from district councils, who are engaged in mobile phone repairs and petty trading among others.
For the next two days, these youths will be trained on small and medium enterprises and Micro finance.
Facilitators came from the Freetown City Council, Ministry of youth affairs and other youth serving agencies.
They spoke about the importance of empowering youths in the business sector, to become agents of change in their communities.
This training is part of the devolve functions to council with the aim to minimize the rate of unemployment among young people.
They appealed to participants to be focus and sustain their business.
At the end of the training; each participant will receive the sum of one million Leones as a gesture to add to their business.
Similar training has been held for the female youths in the district councils.

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