Blue Horizon Mining Company hands over Kania Primary School, Koinadugu District


Blue Horizon Mining Company hands over Kania Primary School, Koinadugu District
The Chairman of the Koinadugu District Council Sheku Kamara lauded Blue Horizon Mining Complementing the Council’s efforts in promoting of quality education in the district. Chairman Kamara underscored the importance of education, saying that Diang Chiefdom is one of the chiefdoms that has been performing well in public examinations.

He said the construction of the school will help promote education in the chiefdom, admonishing parents to send their children to school and stop sending their children in mining.

Director of Education, Koinadugu District Abu Kuyateh said Ministry of education is poised to promote quality education in the country. He admonished the gathering especially parents to send their girl-child to school, and frown at early marriage and teenage pregnancy which, he said, is on the increase in the Diang Chiefdom. Mr. Kuyateh provided learning materials including essential text books to the school on behalf of Ministry of education.
The Provincial Secretary North Ahmed Mustapha stressed the need for peace and unity in the chiefdom, saying that is a key of any nation’s development. He encouraged the children to take their academic work seriously and advice the youth to empower themselves through vocational education.
Head Teacher of the school, Yusuf Marah said the support came at the most needed time saying that school was deplorable condition before the interventions of Blue Horizon Mining. He said the school was established in 1975 but has been facing a number of challenges including payment of teachers and other welfare.
Mr. Mrah said the school enrollment at present is over two hundred.

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