Allegation of 120 Billion Leones


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Allegation of 120 Billion Leones

The attention of parliament has been drawn to a publication by one Abdul Fatorma of Campaign for Human Right and Development international CHRDI of allegations of misuse of public funds which he directs at Members of parliament.

According to a press release from parliament, members of the public are reminded of the obligations of citizens as contained in section 13 of the 1991 constitution of Sierra Leone under the heading duties of the citizen.

The release states that parliament being a house of records, is encouraging CHRDI to produce documentary evidence banking those claims that one hundred and twenty billion Leones have been allocated or to spent by parliamentarians in the last five years.

The release calls on media owners to pay heed to the obligation for accuracy and responsibility as per the media code of practice.

Even though parliament is in recess, the public is assured that parliament is taking the necessary steps to adequately address these allegations, which it considers grossly misleading in an open transparent manner.

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