Ajibu Jalloh talks about the $1 Million rumour as “a malicious perception”


Ajibu Jalloh talks about the $1 Million rumour as "a malicious perception"

The National Publicity and Outreach Coordinator Ajibu Jalloh, has described recent allegations of the government of President Koroma spending One Million dollars on delegation to the ongoing United Nations Summit in New York as a malicious perception.

Mr. Jalloh was reacting to allegations that President Koroma led a fifty-man delegation to the UN Summit, whilst addressing journalists at the weekly Press Briefing hosted by the Information and Communications Ministry at Youyi Building.

The National Publicity and Outreach Coordinator informed journalists that President Koroma led a total of twenty-one people including support staff to the summit.

He added that one of the key areas of President Koroma’s  agenda during the summit include the recovery of pledges by some UN members during their last meeting to support Sierra Leone financially amounting to some eight hundred and twenty million dollars.

Also at the Press Briefing, the minister of Energy, ambassador Henry Macauley talked on the operational activities of the energy sector in the country.  Ambassador Henry Macauley informed journalists that the issue of electricity should not be politize with a focus to change its landscape.

He added that consumers of electricity must conserve energy to minimize its risk.

Commenting on the regulation of tariffs, the energy Minister explained that due to the downward trend of the world economy government no longer provide subsidy.


He maintained that the changes levied on tariffs are not in dollar equivalent.  On the re-location of the EDSA office, the minister said that the government recommended that the electricity building was not structurally safe due to persistent fire accidents.

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