This unit organizes, manage and oversee all programs, slots, presentations and news which are to be broadcasted. This unit plays a great role for the success of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) and it is being managed by The Executive Producer.

Production Unit


The production unit head ie. The Executive producer is the Head of all TV programs. From paid unpaid for programs. Nothing goes on TV without approval from the Executive producer.


Head of TV

Production Unit

Lucy-Ann Gander

Executive Producer – TV

Producer of: We Yus, Business News on TV, and Inside the Media programme on TV




The Executive producer prepares the TV daily schedule, News Readers schedule and Producers schedule. All new programs ideas are sent to the Executive producer for propping and approval. Also The Executive producer assigns producers to programs. All those who do business with SLBC TV are sent to the Executive producer for allocation of air time.
These are some of the key roles of this unit.



Salmata Bah

Executive Producer – TV

Producer of: …….

Production Unit

Marie Popplestone Humaru

Desk Officer (Production Unit)


Dominic J. J Tucker (AKA J-Tell Radical Critic)

Reporter for SLBC TV – We Yus Program

+232 76817243 (Whatsapp)


Facebook: dominic.jj.tucker