Control Room

Control Room

The last place before any program, event or item is braodcasted. The Control Room is operated by SLBC’s trained operators, who are committed to monitoring and linking on air all programs, news, anouncement, adverts etc.

Control Room SAM_0367

Transmission control room (TCR) or ‘transmission suite’, or ‘Tx room’, or “presentation” is a room at broadcast facilities and television stations around the world. Compared to a Master Control Room, it’s usually smaller in size and is a scaled down version of central casting. The TX Room or Presentation suite are staffed 24×7 by Presentation Coordinators and Tape Operators and is fitted out with video play out systems often using server based broadcast automation.

For operational and content qualitative reasons, not more than two television channels are managed from one TCR. Channels with live content and production switching requirements like sports channels have their own dedicated TCRs. A television station may have several TCRs depending on the number of channels they broadcast.


Control Room                                  SAM_0361

Isata Tatu Kargbo                                                                           George Sheperd

Digital Control Room Operator/Entertainment Desk           Studio Floor Cordinator – Vision Mixer


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Senessie Macavoray                                                                      Gibrilla Koroma

Senior Digital Operator – TV                                                        Senior Digital Operator – TV

+232 77 294844/+2327 9331724 (whats app)                          +232 77685521                                     



Tossanwumie Onyenwe

Graphic Editor, Control Room