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Engineering Department


This department has it own uniqueness, especially in the media world and that is why it is been called broadcasting Engineering. Broadcast engineering is the field of electrical engineering, and now to some extent computer engineering and information technology, which deals with radio and television broadcasting. Audio engineering and RF engineering are also essential parts of broadcast engineering, being their own subsets of electrical engineering.

Broadcast engineering involves both the studio end and the transmitter end (the entire airchain), as well as remote broadcasts. Every station has a broadcast engineer, though one may now serve an entire station group in a city, or be a contract engineer who essentially freelances his or her services to several stations (often in small media markets) as needed.


Director of Engineering

Director of Engineering

Alhajie Alpha Bangura

Director of Engineering


Other Engineers

Fatima Bintu Koroma                       Broadcasting Engineer

Salamatu Brimatu Bangura                                              Mohamed Kargbo3

Broadcast Engineering                                                      Engineer


Broadcasting Engineer                     SAM_0325

Richard Ashidu Bah

Broadcast Engineer


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