8th February is International Epilepsy Day


8th February is International Epilepsy Day

8th February is International Epilepsy Day

Today is International Epilepsy Day. The day is to create awareness of epilepsy, which is a neurological disorder and can be treated and controlled with the help of medicines by qualified physicians.

The recurring theme for International Epilepsy Day – Epilepsy is more than Seizures – highlights the fact that, for many people, the stigma and discrimination faced by people with epilepsy, can be more difficult to overcome than the seizures themselves.

Despite the fact at up to 70% of people with epilepsy will have their seizures successfully controlled, in the general public there is still fear and ignorance on what epilepsy really is. A day like this focused on epilepsy, to help raise awareness and educate both the general public on the true facts about epilepsy, and the urgent need for improved treatment and care, and greater investment in research.

Eminent neurologists, health experts, doctors, medical students and common people as well as patients are expected to raise awareness on the disease and the urgent need to help to contain the ailment. In Sierra Leone the Epilepsy Association is observing the day with several talk shows on the causes, prevention and ways of containing the disease

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