Strategic Plan of the Judiciary for 2016 to 2021 launched


Strategic Plan of the Judiciary for 2016 to 2021 launched
The Chief Justice of Sierra Leone, Abdulai Charm has launched the strategic plan of the Judiciary for 2016 to 2021 at court number 1, Law court Building in Freetown.

The strategic plan entails ways to address the challenges affecting the judiciary in the country and ways to take the court to higher level.

Chief Justice Charm Stressed that, the implementation of the strategic plan has already started. He called on partners and the government to fund the plan, pointing out that, it needs lot of resources to actualize it.
He reaffirmed his commitment to improving the judiciary.
Director of Budget, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Matthew Dingie called on the Judiciary to work with his Ministry to prepare a bill that will make it compulsory to allocate zero point five percent of the national budget to the judiciary.
Currently, Matthew Dingie went on, the yearly allocation of money for the judiciary is less than seven billion Leones.
Lawyers and judges present called on the judiciary to stop delaying judgments especially on Land Cases, improve on note taking and create a website for the judiciary.
The Reform Committee Chair, Justice Desmond Edwards, said, the strategic plan stated ways of improving the judiciary stressing that, there are 25 judges in country serving more than seven million people in the country.

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